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School Chaplain


​A Chaplain is a safe, non-denominational person for young people to connect with at school, providing a listening ear, caring presence, and message of hope. A Chaplain ‘cares’ for students struggling with confusing relationships, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, family breakdown, depression, suicide, bullying, drug issues, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Chaplains run positive, fun activities for young people, both in and out of school, and support a caring school community including spiritual support and direction.

Internal Connection

Initial connections with students pivot around:

• Building trust

• Being a role model reflecting a caring and responsible attitude

• Providing a spiritual influence

• Listening attentively to both child and parent with a non-judgemental ear

• Providing Pastoral Care to ALL regardless of religious denomination

External Connection

To connect with community groups such as: churches, government support services, local businesses, council, community partners i.e. Pomona Community House, Red Cross, Rotary and Lions Clubs.

The support of volunteers is invaluable and highly rewarding for all concerned. Our chaplaincy service requires volunteers to assist in a range of activities.

Consent for Chaplaincy Services

All parents or guardians at enrolment, and on request, are able to access a consent forms for Voluntary Student Participation in Program of Chaplaincy Services. This form outlines the intent program at Pomona State School.

This form enables parents to:

• Know the range of activities within the program of Chaplaincy Services provided at this school;

• Make an informed decision regarding their child’s participation or non-participation in program of Chaplaincy Services;

• Make an informed decision regarding giving or not giving their consent for their child’s participation in programs interrelated to Chaplaincy Services;

• Withdraw their agreement to or consent for their child’s participation in Chaplaincy Services or interrelated programs by advising school in writing.


Paulette generally works with privately with students and their families in one of the School Resource Centre rooms on Thursdays and Fridays. She also works on special projects in other areas of the school with groups of students.