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Hello - my name is David Bruce and I am the music teacher at Pomona State School. Firstly may I say what a pleasure it is to teach music at Pomona. The students and staff are all great, and I enjoy my 2 days each week teaching music at your school.

Music in general is a “hands on” subject, and with this in mind music lessons at Pomona State School give all students the opportunity to play an instrument.

In the lower grades we concentrate on beat and rhythm, and use many percussion instruments together with body movement to help feel and experience the pulse that exits in almost all music.  We also do lots and lots of singing!

Middle grade students do similar activities as the lower grades, but in more detail and we incorporate melody.  We do this through various ensemble pieces that require the students to sing, play percussion - both tuned and un-tuned. A tuned percussion instrument is one you can play a tune on such as a Glockenspiel or Marimba, an un-tuned percussion instrument would include things like Djembe drums and clap sticks.

The upper grade students have the opportunity to learn to play the Ukulele. This popular and traditional instrument  (originating in Hawaii in 1879), is perfect for teaching students many musical concepts such beat and rhythm, chord structure, scales and intervals.

Finally, here is a You Tube video that may interest you, it is about the brain and the benefits it receives when playing a musical instrument.

Happy music making,

David Bruce